Instant Secure Funding

Get Instant Secure funding up to ?50 CR

With Instant secured funding, you are required to pledge collateral or security. In case of a default, the lender will have the right to dispose of your security in order to recover the unpaid dues.

There are many different types of secured Funding in India, such as car loans, gold loan, and home loan. Apart from these popular options, there are also other types of secured loans that allow you to pledge many different types of collateral for taking the loan. Many different types of investments and assets can be used as collateral for such fund.

However, what if you don’t have collateral and still need a loan? An unsecured loan from Shades of Money can be a great option in such cases. No matter if you need funds for a medical emergency, wedding expenses, purchasing the latest gadget, home renovation, or international vacation, our unsecured loans are ideal for each of your emergency funding needs.

only you are required to run a business with a good turnover as well as no guarantee needed

We understand that there are several instances in life when you might need quick access to funds. At such times, arranging collateral in order to take a secured loan might not be the most practical option.

Our quick unsecured loans that come with easy documentation and instant approval, are a perfect fit for such occasions. The eligibility requirements are minimal to make sure that more people are eligible for unsecured loans of up to ?50 CR. With a simple 3-step application process and flexibility to apply from our mobile app and online portal, rest assured that you will experience a revolutionized borrowing process which is quick, hassle-free and secure. 

This Unsecured Loan convenience comes with short time and in blink of an eye

At Shades of Money, our interest rates are one of the flexible  in the industry, and the repayment tenure too is highly flexible. This ensures that you can comfortably repay the loan in fixed  EMIs without any financial crunch. 

you are never too far from a quick unsecured loan from Shades of Money.